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Bore Diameter; 100mm~4,000mm
Bearing Kinds Bearing Series Applications
Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings 29200, 29300, 29400, 29300E, 29400E, 9069200, 906300, 9069400 Hydraulic generators, Vertical motors, Shaft of screw propeller of vessels, Tower cranes, Plastic injectĦĦpressĦĦshape machinery, etc.
Cylindrical Roller Bearings 200(E), 300(E), 400(E), 1000(E), 2200(E), 2300(E), NN3000, NNU4900, FC, FCD, FCDP All kinds of motors, Generators, Gas turbine machines, Machine tool spindles, Decelerating equipment and machinery for loading, unloading, moving and carrying, Rolling mills, etc.
Taper Roller Bearings 32900, 32000, 30200, 30300, 32200, 352000, 352900, 351900, 351000, 381000, 382000, 381100, 382900 Automobile, Transmissions, Machine tool spindles, Construction machinery, Railway vehicles, Roller-boxes of rolling mills, etc.
Ball Bearings 61800, 61900, 16000, 6000, 6200, 6300, 6400 Automobile, Electric, Instruments, Construction machinery, Agriculture machinery, Many kinds of special machinery, etc.
Spherical Roller Bearings 22200CA, 22300CA, 23000CA, 23100CA, 23200CA, 24000CA, 24100CA, 23900CA, 23800CA Metallurgy, Mining, Petroleum machinery, Paper making machinery, Construction machinery, Large machinery etc.
Angular Contact Ball Bearings 7000C, 7000AC, 7200C, 7200AC, 7300C, 7300AC, 7200B, 7300B, QJ200, QJ300, QJ1000, QJF200 Machine tool spindles, High frequency motors, Oil pumps, Air compressors, Printing machines, Roller-boxes of rolling mills, etc.
Thrust Bearings 51100, 51200, 51300, 51400, 52200, 52300, 234400, 234900 Steering devices of auto, Machine tool spindles, Rubber and plastic machinery, etc.
Joint Bearings GE...E,GE...ES,GE...DS Many kinds of special machinery, etc.
Slewing Bearing Single Row Ball, Double Row Ball, Three Row Roller , Crossed Roller Robots, Cranes, Excavators, Power Shovels, Medical Instruments, etc.

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